The Faith Advisors to the University of Leicester

Under the auspices of the University World Faiths Advisory Group, the Faith Advisors listed below are a recently created group who are in place to help with any theological or pastoral questions you may have at any stage of your time at the University of Leicester. They can be contacted any time.

Additionally, and on a rota basis, there are two Advisors who facilitate a 'Surgery' on the first Wednesday of every month at The Gatehouse( Chaplaincy to the University of Leicester) between 1pm to 2pm. They can advise themselves or refer on questions to colleagues should they not be of your particular faith. We aim to maintain a team of two advisors, one of each gender, for each major faith found on the University Campus.

We hope that we can grow into this useful service, through this team who work alongside the Faith Societies of the University and who complement the long established team of Christian Chaplains at the Gatehouse.

Look out also for events which help our faiths to grow together in mutual appreciation and understanding.

Do please use us. we are here for YOU!

Daljit Singh Makan

Faith: Sikh

Contact details: 07879 482800 (mobile)

Daljit grew up in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, graduated from Balliol College Oxford and has lived in Oadby since 1997. He is married, has three children and has a busy career as an IT professional but in his spare time enjoys singing (particularly Kirtan, the Sikh devotional music), film, theatre, reading, photography and spending time with his family. He also enjoys delivering "Thought for the Day" on BBC Radio Leicester and giving talks and lectures to school, university and other groups to increase awareness of the Sikh faith.

Jim Strupish

Faith: Buddhist

Contact details: 0116 223 1859 (daytime)

Jim has been practicing meditation for 25 years and formally became a Buddhist around 10 years ago. He has worked in the University of Leicester since 1979 so has significant experience of the University and the sort of problems staff and students may encounter. As a founder member of the University Buddhist meditation group he hopes to be able to give appropriate advice or if necessary direct people to others more qualified. Jim is a member of the Western Chan Fellowship and would describe himself as a secular Buddhist.

Prafulla Modi

Faith: Hindu

Contact details:

Prafulla is a qualified secretary with a diploma in Social Work, a certificate in Youth and Community and 7407 Teaching Adults course. She has worked for Leicester City and County Council in adult education and as a social worker. She has set up a Gujarati school, running since 1987, and has also been a treasurer, secretary and chairperson for East West Community Project. She also instigated West End Diwali festival and organised various multi cultural events. Prafulla is very keen and enthuthistic to help and give advice to any students at university who require it.

Rabbi Schmuli Pink

Faith: Jewish

Contact details: 07813 7141 88

Shmuli is the Rabbi of the Leicester Hebrew Congregation and the Chabad Rabbi for Leicestershire. Originally from Manchester, he moved here with his wife Rivkie and their family in 2001. Over the years many Jewish students have been in contact and enjoyed the familiar taste of Challah and chicken soup. Rabbi Shmuli is always available for a chat, advice or just for some home hospitality. He also serves as the Jewish Chaplin to the hospitals and prisons in the Leicestershire area.

George Ballentyne

Faith: Bahá'í

Contact details:

George Ballentyne is Secretary of the World Faiths Advisory Group and is a Faith Adviser for the Bahá'í community. George currently works for Leicester City Council, as Voluntary and Community Sector Engagement Manager. He previously worked for Leicester Council of Faiths for over six years, as Equality and Diversity Officer. He has a postgraduate qualification from the University of Leicester, an MA in Modern Literature: Theory and Practice.

Raheema Caratella

Faith: Muslim

Contact details:

Raheema is in her early thirties and mum of three boys. She is the volunteer coordinator at Shama Women's Centre in Highfields and passionate about empowering and supporting young girls and women to improve their lives. Raheema is involved with the Christian Muslim womens' dialogue group as a volunteer for the Islamic society of Britain - the women meet quarterly to learn about each other faiths and share reflections. She has a degree in Youth and Community Development and most of her work has involved working with young people in various settings. Raheema ran an interfaith youth project called the Leicester Interfaith Youth Hub which involved mobilising young people to social action using their faith as a motivation for social change, justice and achieving development goals and fundraising for those less fortunate.